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Born of slave parents in South Carolina, Mary McLeod Bethune was educated in South and North Carolina and Illinois.  Through prayer, determination and unbounded faith, she opened the Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School with just 5 students, using a small school savings of $1.50. Today, this school is a thriving institution known as the Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida, accredited in 1943.


During 38 years as a college president, Mrs. Bethune participated in numerous constructive efforts of her time.  She served as Director of Negro Affairs for the National Youth Administration, Special Advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Minority Affairs, New Deal Government, and from 1936 -1945 she served as an informal "race leader at large" for the administration. She was one of the most influential African American Leaders in the Black Cabinet, which organized the Federal Council on Negro Affairs. and Special Assistance to the Secretary of War.  Mary Mcleod Bethune received eight honorary college and university degrees.

Mrs. Bethune founded the National Council of Negro Women in 1935.  She considered the vast potential of uniting the power of 800,000 Negro Women.  She became the Council's first president for over fourteen years.  In 1974, she became the first black leader and the first woman to have a monument, the Bethune Memorial Statue, erected on public parkland in Washington D.C. 


After a lifetime of gracious living and working on behalf of people all over the world, Dr. Bethune quietly passed away on May 18, 1955.  Her memory is enriched by her works and her rare spirit.  The National Council of Negro Women's national headquarters is located in Washington D.C., on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Currently, we have 240 Sections connecting nearly 4 million women worldwide through national and community based-health, education and economic empowerment services and programs in the U.S. and Africa. 

From Our President

Help Keep the Legacy and the Vision Alive!

First, I would like to thank the National Council of Negro Women of Pomona Valley Section for electing me as your President. I am honored to have been elected to a vital role with such an incredible organization. I take my new responsibilities seriously and plan to carry on the torch my predecessor held mightily. I am dedicated, determined, and always lead with an open heart and mind. I am genuinely enthusiastic about our mission and goals. I am always here to listen; my door is always open.

As president, it is my responsibility to maintain and continue building our organization's supportive and collaborative spirit. Our goal is to continue growing and reaching as many of the people in our community as possible. Together as an NCNW community, we will build on the traditions of the past and meet future challenges in innovative and exciting ways.

I look forward to the incredible journey ahead and the advancement of the future of our organization.


Jamie Lindsay



The Objectives of the NCNW are:

  • To unite non-profit national organizations of women in a council of national organizations primarily concerned with the welfare of Negro women.

  • To promote unity among women's national organizations and among all women and girls in matters affecting the education, culture, economic, social, and spiritual life of America.

  • To build a common fellowship of women devoted to the task of developing creative relations among people at home and abroad.

  • To serve as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of information concerning the activities of organized women.


It is our pledge to make a lasting contribution to all that is finest and best in America, so that her heritage of Freedom and Progress will be infinitely enriched by the integration of all the people (regardless of race, creed, or national origin), in the economic, social, cultural, civic and political life of their country and thus achieve the glorious destiny of a true and unfettered democracy.


The National Council of Negro Women, Pomona Valley Section is committed to promoting community involvement, educational achievement and self-pride to the Pomona Valley region.  We are further committed to the fulfillment of the legacy of Mary McLeod Bethune; "leave no one behind."


Our Mission is to:


  • Fill the gaps which exist in our communities, specifically those of ethnically diverse women and their children.


  • Help build and open the doors for young women; breaking down barriers, and building bridges of understanding and opportunity, so that they may cross with the knowledge of perseverance and success.


  • Educate and empower the youth in our community from pre-school to high school, through tutorial programs, literacy programs and parent interaction and intervention programs.


  • Plan positive community events for the youth of Pomona Valley that will encourage them to reach for the stars of the future.


  • Commit us to being open-minded, compassionate, loving and spiritually filled with all persons of different walks of life.

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